Slovak food

March this year saw my first holiday of the year.. I had been talking about visiting Slovakia for a number of years with a friend of mine who is Slovak, but we never get around to it. I spend a lot of time at her family home in London and she is always cooking and baking traditional Slovak food. When her mum visits the UK from Slovakia she always makes traditional dishes. One in particular I love is the Slovak Pierogi.. sweet or savoury! Normally with a quark cheese filling, some with jam or other ingredients. This is a peasant food which is enjoyed as a meal or dessert (even sweet alternatives for dinner, so how could you say no?) So as you can imagine I was excited to go and try some! I ha

Empanada Lover!

As mentioned I love pastry, sometimes I think I could just eat it raw.. like cookie dough hehe. Empanadas I love and any other filled parcels, be it filo, puff or shortcrust. I gave sundried tomato and feta empanadas a go. They were lovely, an instant hit so much so I had to make them the next day too.. Spinach and feta, mango and spicy ratatouille fillings also are good to try. I love going out for tapas and trying the variations that are on offer. One of the things I love about going out for food is getting inspired. Taking flavours or dishes then trying them out at home. Even if you do not want to make you own pastry (because lets face it, not everyone does- or sometimes you just do not h

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