Finally spring has come- Time to get baking!

Happy weekend everyone! So this year has been pretty hit and miss weather wise right? This has meant a delayed reaction to the allotment. With this wash out weather and freak snow we haven't been able to get planting! However spring has finally come, and so our returning crop is now starting to flourish. Blossom is on the trees, buds are growing and the first crop of the year is ready to pick! ... Rhubarb :-) With all the lovely products I now have in my kitchen cupboard (thanks to Groovy Food Company) it was time to get baking. I decided to create a rhubarb and white chocolate tart. Using coconut flour for the pastry case, homegrown rhubarb for the filling along with some vegan white choco,

Creative Nature Superfoods Collaboration

So this brand I have been enjoying for a while now, sprinkling their raw cacao into porridge, smoothies or using in my bakes. I love this brand as it allows me to bake naturally gluten free and vegan cakes! Since experimenting with vegan bakes I have used aquafaba and chia seeds as an egg alternative so when Creative Nature Superfoods were willing to provide me with a box of goodies I could not refuse! Cacao nibs, cacao powder, maca powder and chia seeds... the ultimate in healthy or naughty GF vegan bakes! I am a sucker for chocolate and have such a sweet tooth, so to be able to whip up something quick and easy to take with me to work is great. Brownies, cookies and biscuits are a tea break

Food Thoughts Collaboration

So this weekend the Foodies Festivals kicked off in Brighton, and we are lucky enough to have a new sponsor this year. Food thoughts! And they have been kind enough to deliver me some amazing ingredients to bake with, so I have been busy in the kitchen creating a new recipe for them and for Foodies Festivals. As the British weather so far has been rather forgettable, the produce at home has been laboured, so I am lucky to have brands like this to use instead. I am starting with a simple recipe so anyone at home can try it. It is 100% GF and Vegan so can be enjoyed by everyone! No one should miss out on cake ;-) Chai Chocolate cake with Almond Butter filling. I did want to do a pistachio fill

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