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salads are no longer rabbit food

Salads are no longer the side dish the meat eaters leave. More often than not they are the main feature, whether they are a mix of fruit and veg or other cooked ingredients.

The great thing with a salad is you can make it what you want.. Colour, Content, Cooked or Raw. I (being a vegetarian) always have a salad as a go to meal... I have them both raw or with cooked additions.

The book Nourish by Amber Locke is a great demonstration of what a salad can be, the colour and food photography in her book is inspiring.

I love simple salads that take no time to put together, just what ever I have lying around or growing outside. After work no one wants to spend time faffing, so salad is the go-to option!

Using the fresh produce I have growing outdoors helps me to eat well.. depending on the season to how my salad will look. I can pack it out for a more for-filling meal with rice, or buckwheat (which I love as a choice of grain) alternatively some tofu or polenta work well too (with chilli of course)!

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