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Baking from 15 Minute Vegan

Firstly if you haven't already, go and by 15 minute vegan by Katy Beskow.. then secondly try this recipe!

I was making scones a month or so ago, normally I always bake sweet #chocolatelover but this time I fancied savoury. I had made gluten free herb and seed scones and a fruit and nut combo. They were moist, fluffy and tasty!

So when I got Katy Beskow's book and saw a vegan recipe, I thought I would give it ago.. I changed up the all purpose flour for a gluten free alternative, but other than that it was the same!

Have a look and see what you think!;-) Perfect for picnic weather with a glass of Pimms... if only I had made them a week earlier to take on our picnic when mother and I went to the polo in Gloucester!

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