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Foodies Festival Cannon Hill Park 2017

This weekend saw another Foodies Festival, this time at Cannon Hill Park Birmingham. It was a packed weekend full of entertainment, not just from the pop up stalls and bars but also from the varying “event tents”. Catering for all, children through to adults.

Food tents include some of the finest chefs and other upcoming stars in the food world. Bake off and MasterChef fans were also in ore with current and previous stars lining up to cook and bake!

If you think it is only food, you are wrong! Come along to try out a drink tasting experience. Whether you just love a tipple, like to consider yourself knowledgable on beverages or if you are a full-on sommelier, there is a drink for you! Tasting ranges from beers, wines and prosecco to gin- you choose!

This event is a fun day out for all, and if you feel after a day of eating and drinking you still need some entertainment why not round of the day by watching the chilli eating contest? Who wouldn’t love watching people suffer when having to endure the world’s hottest chillies? I say “chillies” because not only do they have one but more like 20!! How would I know? Yes, I was one of the crazy ones who decided to take part! On a brighter note, I did become joint champion with the 13-time unbeaten champion… clearly I was a bit of ‘HOT’ competition and she didn't have it easy this time!

If you’d liked to see more please come back, I will be doing a full write up and you'll be able to check out pics! I will also share an events page with details of upcoming events you can attend!

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