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Chilli Eating Contest

Last weekend who knows what was going through my head, call me brave or stupid but either way it resulted in Chilli Eating!

The foodies festival always does a chilli eating contest, and last weekend when there with my sister I thought yeah I might give that a go... I did ask if I could pull out if I changed my mind, but in the end- yep I did it!

I can't even remember how many rounds were involved, somewhere around 12 maybe? It started off okay, Jalapeno chillies, birds eye chilli - are they even hot? LOL

I do love chillies and think I can handle the heat so was curious to see how well I could do.

A few rounds in and the 12 contestants that started were rapidly becoming fewer. I was half way through and starting to feel some pain, not on my lips but the back of my throat was starting to feel..lets say warmer!

People seemed to be impressed by my cool head, ironic really when I was eating chilli.. but with my face not tinting, eyes not watering and no real signs of a struggle, I knew I could do this! I mean give up and look silly in front of a crowd? NO thank you!

However we were reminded throughout, that someone competing was the 13 time reigning champion- GREAT!

Scovilles were climbing and so were the amount of chillies and chilli sauce being consumed, the names who knows? Scorpion, Ghost, Scotch Bonnet, Reeper - after that many the name really doesn't matter!

I made it to the final round, me and the current champion.. after downing chilli after chilli, leaving nothing but the stalks, what next? We had eaten the world's hottest (more than one I might add) .. I must admit I was doing it much quicker too.. not fannying around stalling time, so in the end we had to add time limits to the rounds!

The title was called, I equalled the champion and a draw was called! I was so happy with myself but at the same point totally chillied out, my gut felt on fire... the strangest feeling! But HEY a champion nevertheless and the ambulance crew on standby were not needed so can't complain at all! :-) WOOOOO!

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