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Prosecco and cheese please...

Another foodies festival and another go at drinking more alcohol. In my defence it was the final day of the weekend and after my 'Chilli Eating' victory I think I deserved a glass or two!

This weekend at Cannon Hill Park I was sampling Prosecco, something I am sure many of you would like to do. We were sampling 5 different Prosecco types, including spumante. Each of a different variety from Brut to extra dry. During the hour long session you are taught about the notes of the drink, the smell, flavour, and taste. How and where it is produced and what to look out for when buying your own. Even better the Prosecco was accompanied with cheese!! So a quick lesson in Gran Padano was also included.

The expert looking after us gave a great demo and if you'd like to find out more about prosecco, you can check him out and other upcoming courses on my foodies link page!!

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