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More from Cannon Hill Park..

I attended Cannon Hill Park Foodies Festival for the first time last year and had a great day, so planned to attend again this year. My weekend pass allowed me access to more chef demos, and it was well worth it.

Kicking off the weekend on the Saturday show, was the returning Katy Beskow, who never fails to deliver flavoursome vegan food. Showing how to do dinner and desserts in just 15 minutes! I saw Katy last year and since then she has released her first book, (which you should go and buy of course)! Her main dish was one featured in her book, aubergine kebabs. A simple recipe but packed full of flavour, even a meat eater could not say no.

Other chefs during the weekend included 2016 and 2017 MasterChef finalists, Michelin stars from some of Britain’s top restaurants and other up and coming stars.

I stayed to watch the demo of Richard Turner, the Michelin Star chef and owner of the restaurant Turners in Birmingham. A lovely fish dish, which was definitely not an everyday meal but a treat- when including ingredients such as caviar, i'm sure it's not something you'd rustle up after a day at work! Nevertheless outstanding food in great company.

Being a fan of MasterChef I had to stop and see Lorna this year's finalist and the two finalists from last year Juanita and Saira, and wow what a pair!

Sunday in the final demo of the day, it was more than just cooking but a barrel of laughs. The Captain Morgan's pop up I’m sure helped. Saira and Juanita, a dynamic cooking duo working together rustling up chicken wings, with a few puns and jokes thrown in.

Back again baking were Candice Brown, Charlotte White, Grace Hall and Enrique Rojas among others… the baking tent showed the best of vegan bakes, savoury bakes, cake designing and decorating, and the classic British scone.

Candice again did her Chocolate Cherry tier cake. This time unlike London it was cooler weather, so the chocolate was easier to work with..

Charlotte and Grace both showcasing the great British scone! Grace with a vegan alternative and Charlotte indulging us by topping it with Pinksters GIN JAM, just wow!!

If being shown how to make great bakes was not enough, Enrique showed us how to decorate showstopper cakes in style! Sunday's demo with the ever so popular Unicorn cake...

Rounding of a weekend of fun was the end of the show, show. Getting to eat all of the leftover food from the weekend. Yes somehow there was still some left!! So it was a free for all demo to indulge in.

This weekend, like the others shows proves whether you love cooking or baking, just starting out or just enjoying eating good food, there is a demo for you. All kitchens at the show are working kitchens, so you can sample the goodness once plated to see for yourself. The demos from the weekend show it is only as complicated and time consuming as you want it to be. Quick and tasty recipes can be made up in 15 minutes as shown by Katy. Many of the bakes use store cupboard ingredients… nothing fancy so you can get involved yourself and enjoy something you’ve made from scratch. More importantly, without it costing you anything more than what you have at home already.

If you are wanting to get involved with future Foodies Festivals then be sure to check out upcoming events. Even if it’s not the foodies festival there are plenty of local and national events going on. Some dedicated to certain cuisine or drinks and others with it all- so there is something for all.

Check out my Foodies Festival Link for more pictures and info on the Foodies Festival... Hope to see you at one soon! X

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