Milkshake pitstop @ Tommy Mel's Madrid.

It is not often, well no actually, I would never really choose to go to an American Diner. It honestly has never appealed to me, probably because of the stereotype: American’s and their relationship with food. I don’t see much cultural difference between American and British food, apart from the quantity and the higher consumption of meat. However, I shouldn’t really be overthinking the matter as in fact I am only going to relate it back to milkshakes. 😂😛😀😊 Whilst in Madrid, my friend wanted to take a pitstop from sightseeing and the heat and head to a Diner to grab a shake… not my cup of tea, but we went all the same. Seeing as it was over 40 degrees something cool to drink may have helped us to cool down and of course take a break from the sun. ☀☀ The new craze for jars of ice cream, milkshakes and sweet things isn’t to my taste particularly, sugar and calorie overload!!🍩🍭🍦🍭🍴

However the Diner was quaint, typical American décor and pleasant enough staff… I chose a simple milkshake, I didn’t want something too heavy before Tapas as I had been looking forward to it all day. The milkshake menu had the traditional flavours: banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate and then the newer additions of Oreo, Malteser and Twix etc … My eye however wasn’t drawn to the plain shakes… no, I saw the alcoholic milkshakes! Ones centred around different alcoholic drinks and flavours. I chose the “Tennessee Jack”, I do normally prefer Rum to whiskey, but the Rum milkshake had vanilla ice cream and I prefer chocolate. The “Tennessee Jack”, based around Jack Daniels of course with a chocolate milkshake and chocolate ice cream .. simple enough but with a little something extra. It was very pleasant although not very alcoholic which was disappointing.🙄😏😒 My friend Eugenia on the other hand, went all out!! I have no idea what it was called but I am sure it contained a bit of everything. It was based around a strawberry theme: strawberry milkshake, ice cream, topped with cream, more sugary things and then topped with a strawberry donut and strawberry candy and lollies. I mean I couldn’t have, far too sweet for me and it was like a meal on its own! However she managed it all! Good job she was playing tour guide for me and we were walking about the city, you’d have needed it after that venture!😂😛😀 Check out the pictures, if you love shakes or a sugar fix you will like them I am sure. « Tommy Mel's - Madrid »

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