Oh but it's more than drinks!!😉🍻🍷🍹

Going out for drinks is always fun but going to a place that delivers the whole package; drinks, atmosphere and music is always better! I was lucky enough to find a few quirky bars… I love to discover different places whether it be close to home or when traveling. 🏡🌎

When in Slovakia my friend and I visited the coolest hidden café, themed inside too with quirky décor and a great menu- I loved it!! So I was hoping to find something to equal my experience whilst in Madrid. The first proper night out was to a local bar “Bicicleta”. It had art and bikes hanging from the walls, old fashioned décor- like old school exam tables and chairs, then comfy sofas… I couldn’t help but take some photos!! 🚲🍻

We went out for a few beers and a catch up, even the beer was cool, a German beer with the slogan on the back "Life is very short, there is no time for worrying my friend". It made me smile as I sipped my beer and enjoyed the company of my friend, who I haven't seen in a year!! A lovely first evening at a local Spanish bar.

The second night was a little different, we wanted wine and cocktails to celebrate it being Friday night and my holiday in Madrid.. first stop was a bar called “Vacaciones” perfect title for me really! It was cute, nothing special but cosy and friendly. Comfy sofas and benches to allow you to be sociable. We stayed for a few hours catching up and drinking some wine and cocktails before changing location. 🍷🍹

The second really wasn’t what I was expecting! “Areia” it was called, a bar come nightclub. The theme inside was the beach, no joke the floor was sand! Not what I was expecting at all, I don’t think I have been to a bar/club that is like being on the beach, when it is in the centre of the city, far from any beach! It had cute little “chiringuitos” individual themed shacks. Each titled differently and filled with swings, hammocks, sofas and benches. A super cool idea, makes you feel like you are really at the beach.

The cocktails were good too, I had a beer however and just tasted my friends hehe! Would recommend this and the other places to visit in you are ever in Madrid!!


Look at the photos, can you imagine you are in the city centre? Madrid was full of surprises! 😉

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