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I am a lover of trying new food and cuisine. For years my family and I would try new restaurants on special occasions.. we would take it in turns to pick a new restaurant to try out, experimenting with food from across the globe. In the past I have favoured Greek, Turkish, Spanish, French and Thai.. Some of the best restaurants we would visit in London were found in Twickenham, Hampton and Richmond.. local to were I lived so no excuse not to go.

I haven't been to one (outside London) I have loved in a while.. but I fancied trying out a Thai restaurant in Worcester for my birthday dinner last week. I chose: Thai Gallery.

The overall experience was perfect, a lovely setting with oriental decor (in the cobbled back streets of Worcester), attentive and friendly staff and of course tasty food.. all adding up to a great dining experience! A place I will be revisiting soon! 

For me choosing a place that has a wide variety of vegetarian food as well as meat/fish options for the rest of the family is important. I hate being subjected to the typical risotto or salad on the menu- so last year....😒

I had the "Man Khao Phot Wan" for starters, a Thai style corn fritter.. served with a cucumber relish and a sweet and sour sauce. For main course I wanted heat.. there was another dish of noodles I was going to opt for as it had peanuts, so instead I just asked for peanuts to be added to my dish ;-) 

"Pad Sapparod" a wok fried sweet and sour tofu dish, with a heat kick (and my peanuts hehe). I to be honest couldn't taste the heat, with the 3 chilli symbol on the menu I was waiting for the kick to hit me. I assume it is the previous chilli eating contests and the fact I add chilli to every dish I make that has made me immune to the taste? ;-) hehe

Either way it was a lovely evening and a tasty meal, washed down nicely with a bottle of red wine and good company. If you ever find yourself in Worcester check it out!

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