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Vigor Mundi.

I came across this brand whilst attending the most recent Foodies Festival in Alexandra Palace. I had wandered past it a few times with curiosity before making the time to stop, and I am glad I did.

I am always happy to find new brands and to feature one I think people should get behind when attending local festivals. This one grabbed my attention when I saw they sold Matcha, a product I am very familiar with. (If you check out my blog you’ll see I recently attended a Matcha Masterclass too).

Healthy alternatives and well-being products I think are as important to feature at food festivals, creating an equal balance between the many cakes and bakes and the much necessary health fix we all need.

Health foods and supplements are becoming increasingly used in one’s diet, but sometimes are scary and unapproachable as we do not know enough about them or why we should use them. Therefore, being able to speak to someone and test products beforehand has to be a step in the right direction, right?

I had the privilege of sampling all the products and comparing them to other brands I have had before. I was curious to know how they varied to other brands and why in fact I should choose theirs. I think the story behind the product would not have mattered in the end, I could taste the difference and quality, so was won over instantly.

The smoothness of the Matcha powder and the vibrant green colour flashed positive vibes instantly. It was not too overwhelming (although I do like mine strong) therefore I think it could ease people in gently if they have never experienced it before, as for some it can be an acquired taste.

Dez also showed me the Camu Camu and Maca powder and capsule alternative, again smooth subtle flavours not too bold or overwhelming to taste. Capsules obviously a more manageable alternative if you do not like the taste, however if you can stand it, it is worth having it in powder form as the benefits are a lot more favourable.

Maca powder (and the other powders) can be simply added to smoothies, juices, bakes, cereals.. whatever you desire - giving you a extra health kick by doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying your food as you would normally.

The Cacao beans, nibs and powder I am also glad I could try. Sometimes brands of Raw Cacao available to buy can be bitter and in fact quite unpleasant. They do not entice you to use them, this one however was light, not bitter and almost a creamy smooth aftertaste? Unlike the bitterness I am used to... I came away with some Cacao Beans too, favourable over the nibs as they are easy to eat on the go (if that's how you choose to eat them), the texture is also more complex and the flavour, making it a rather enjoyable snack. Again they can be used in so many ways, like all of the products they were offering.

Check out their website for more info, or to even purchase some yourself. They offer discounts and even better Dez is super knowledgeable and happy to help. Hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think if you try them!

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