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New Blondie Brownie Recipe!!

So at the moment I have been playing around a lot with new recipes. I often think up combinations I want to try and last weekend I put a new recipe to the test. I couldn’t attend the final Foodies at Oxford as I was working☹ so as soon as I had returned home I got in the kitchen.

I had in mind a take on a Blondie Brownie, I decided to go for a Chai Vanilla and Crème Brulee Brownie drizzled in white chocolate. Quite big, bold, flavours.. I agree! The combination however worked for me. I like “out there” flavours, the bigger and bolder the better. If you are going to add an ingredient you have to be able to taste it right, otherwise what’s the point?

The Brownies were a quick and simple recipe, I made it 100% GF and Vegan, not like that should be a factor… these were 100% naughty… nothing left out when it came to indulging! They were gooey and fudge like in the centre with the flavours just oozing out. <3

Cut up into small bitesize pieces to enjoy, you’d only need a small square anyway as they were a rich and decadent treat. But the good thing about baking traybakes like these, is when you serve them in small bitesize squares…they last longer! 😉 Or well, do they hehe! 😉

I was very happy with the new recipe and may even change up some flavours and create another alternative brownie soon!! 😊 Any ideas on flavours? I will definitely do something with peanut butter I think, but need some more flavours too!!


The cooking last Saturday continued into the evening for me… I had been fancying a risotto all week, although I hadn’t decided whether or not to do the traditional or buckwheat risotto, another favourite of mine. When I was shopping the night before I picked up some figs in Tesco (something I do not grow at home but need to next year- I love them!!) and was instantly inspired to create a fig and walnut risotto. Then whilst walking past the cheese section I just had to grab some ricotta… me, being so indecisive instantly decided NO, Arancini, I fancy Arancini 😉 I have never made it before to be honest and so have no idea why it popped into my head but decided that was what I was making 😊

Actually, I have no idea why I have never made it before, it is super simple and tasty. My risotto base didn’t follow any recipe (as per usual). I just add as I go along, deciding what I fancy. There is a special vegetable seasoning mix I used instead of stock. The flavours and ingredients are natural, vegetarian and gluten free so I prefer to use it. Along with this I use some white wine vinegar, tarragon, and the general salt, pepper and dried herbs. When the risotto has absorbed around two cups of liquid I then add some cream cheese to thicken it up….

To the breadcrumb mix for the Arancini I use Carrington’s (as always- a preferred brand of mine!) I add some of the chilli rub mix into the breadcrumbs to create a spicy coating. Totally delicious!!

I was very happy with how my Arancini turned out, and even more happy that I had brought some new tableware that day so could dress my plate beautifully too!! 😉 We all know I love a food photo HA!

The positivity kept coming… I had some leftover risotto yaaaay! So the risotto dish I originally planned I could finally have on the Sunday evening, to save cooking hehe. I just added some more fresh ricotta, basil and figs to finish it up. YUMMMM

A busy weekend in the kitchen but a very enjoyable one… my happy place 😉

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