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Last Foodies of the summer..

Bank holiday weekend played host to Foodies in Oxford and one that will be remembered for many reasons, a) being the rain! Yes our first rainy Foodies of the year.. I know it was Bank Holiday so traditionally damp, but we can always hope for a dry weekend right?! b) because it was the last one of the summer season, so a last reunion with my foodie family for a while. Which actually is quite a sad thought- you honestly will not know how much fun we have doing these shows for you.. backstage and onstage:-)

Luckily we have judging at the World Bread Awards in a few weeks to reunite.

I have really enjoyed demoing at Foodies this year, starting in Syon Park back in May and then going up and down the country with the gang. Demoing in front of crowds sounds quite scary, but actually I love being on stage and sharing my creations with you all.. asking and answering questions from the hungry crowd and then supporting and gaining ideas from the other chefs.

Oxford though was the last one, a final bake for you - this time a GF lemon and coconut cake with a coconut cream topping... However I will be back in November for our winter Foodies, so back to Tatton Park and a Christmas edition.. yes a bit early but the festive cheer is kind of uncontrollable when you enter the tent :-)

As this was the last festival I thought a throwback would be quite apt.. I decided to dedicate this post to the summer of Foodies, I have had so much fun and wanted to re-live some of these moments and photos.

Oxford Foodies last weekend like others this year featured "Star Bakers" like Sophie Faldo and Kenny Tutt, who of course attract crowds. But for me Foodies is not Foodies unless my baking family are in the tent too. Baking with these guys and giggling backstage makes it all a lot more fun:-) Welcoming new bakers to the family has also been a joy this year.

Not just food and drink this year but "Cake and Cabaret" to finish of each day, a new idea this year but one that was a lot of fun. Singing, dancing and burlesque? Definitely attracting more attention to our tent. It must be the boozy rum and raisin brownies that fill our minds with crazy ideas to entertain.. Our multi talented "star bakers" ditching the aprons for microphones :-)

I have spent my year developing GF and Vegan recipes as you know, so being able to share these with you, and a different bake at each show has been a challenge for me too. Making me spend more time in the kitchen and being creative, something I love to do. Bakes included ingredients from our lovely sponsors and then fresh ingredients straight from my garden... my favourite way to cook. Now summer is over and winter is coming, I am hoping for more time in the kitchen... which means time to develop more recipes and create a new bake for winter foodies :-)

So thank you all for a fab summer of shows, for coming along to the festivals and my demos, for all the new people I have met, the sponsors and my foodie family for making it all the more fun! See you in Tatton Park in November :-)

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