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Syon Park Foodies Festival

So last weekend me and plenty other foodies were out enjoying the sunshine in Syon Park. Crazy how it has already been a year since the last bank holiday weekend in Syon Park. A slight sense of déjà vu too with the weather... sunshine and blue skies? Not your typical bank holiday in the UK, but we are British so yes we complained. It was lovely but almost too hot to be baking in a tent with no breeze ;-)

I was looking forward to Syon Park as it was my first Leewood Roots Demo, Gluten Free and Vegan is how I rolled. Carrot Cake using ingredients from my sponsors: "The Groovy Food Company" and of course "California Raisins". After attending Foodies for many years and helping out I was on the other side with all my foodie friends.

I love baking so to be on stage didn't phase me, it meant I got to share my passion with others. I had been experimenting a lot in the lead up to foodies with flavours and ingredients. As you know I am vegetarian, although I lead a mainly vegan lifestyle. So I therefore wanted to create something everyone could enjoy. I know how hard it is to find vegan treats when dining out, in supermarkets or at events, so to show people how easy it is to recreate your favourite cakes in real time is why I wanted to be there.

Just like vegan food, another preconception people have is that gluten free cakes are flavourless! Honestly, is that even a thing? Get the balance right then your cake is like any other cake. In fact probably more light and moist. Hence why I only bake gluten free now. Recreating all my favourite recipes to try and lift the negativity and preconceptions, that it is some sort of alien food we should not eat.

(Thank you Chris White and Charly's phone for the photos).

Aside from demoing I was excited to share the company of my favourite foodies; Charlotte White and Becky Cummings.. two ladies who have helped me into the foodie world and who also bake the most INCREDIBLE cakes! Check them out: Restoration Cake and Pin Up Pantry.

Being a huge Bake Off and Masterchef fan (and well all round foodie) I was excited to share the company of current and previous contestants and winners. Sophie Faldo, Steven Carter Bailey, Kenny Tutt, David Crichton and Nawamin Pinpathomrat. The selfie cam did come out... so yes it was a good weekend.

Aside from all the action in the tent, this year at Foodies we had a lot of returning and new exhibitors attending, and for me it is a great place to discover new brands. It was at Foodies a few years ago when I first came across Carrington Foods - Who are now my suppliers of all things Chilli! Check them out, and also my social pages where you can see how I their products in my dishes. :-) @Leewood_Roots on Instagram or LeewoodRoots on Facebook

Recently making some vegan arancini, risotto balls with their Extreme Harissa Paste, Smoked Garlic Chilli Oil and coated in Shut Up Chup Chilli Rub... with a little vegan cheese to soften the burn ;-) Just one simple way of using their products to liven up a dish.

So back to the weekend, the live music stage and entertainment was as popular as ever. The Hoosiers and Toploader to name a few on the music scene! But for me the entertainment and music came from the baking theatre. Yes our very own talent.. Becky Cummings, Charlotte White and our special guest Champagne Charlie. Who needs the live stage when you can enjoy music and have someone bake for you at the same time? ;-)

These guys really made the end of show great, and when capturing images of the crowd it really showed it was something everyone could enjoy.

I hope all of you enjoyed the show as much as I did, if you could not come but now want to, we will be back in Birmingham in a few weeks so get your tickets and join us for a weekend of good food, company drinkiepoos and music <3

For more photos and videos Click Here!

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