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Baking with fruit and veg.

Hi Foodies, So it has been a while since I last posted, work and life getting in the way of my cooking and baking! .... And just like that the festival has started and I am already one show down. My aim this year is to bring more "Leewood Roots" bakes to my demos. Yes I love to be creative with flavours and textures, but in the theatre I want to bring back the Leewood concept of homegrown bakes. "Simple. Tasty. Goodness". You will be seeing more veggies and fruits in my bakes, as well as products from my much loved sponsors. Food Thoughts, Groovy Food Co and Creative Nature Superfoods. As it is rhubarb season I am starting with a twist on a cherry bakewell and bringing you a rhubarb bakewell with white chocolate. I am using rhubarb fresh from the garden and of course fresh eggs from Leewoods too. One bowl bakes that are simple to recreate at home, showing you how best to use the excessive crop you may have this year.

I aim to keep things simple so everyone at home can follow and be involved, nothing fancy, just store cupboard ingredients to accompany your seasonal products. (Vegan options are available and I will do these too. However when I am overwhelmed with fresh eggs, it is best not to waste them!) Another recipe I am working on, which I hope to bring you later in the year uses courgettes, another veg that grows quicker than you can eat it at my house.

Using fruit and veg is a lot easier than you'd think AND tasty! Making bakes lighter, more moist and also giving the option to substitute gluten and dairy.


If any of you have questions about how best to use fruit and veg in baking, get in touch.. or if you have ideas you would like to share I would love to know.

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