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Cake and Bake Show

Why attend the Cake and Bake show?

  1. You like to eat cakes

  2. You like to bake cakes

  3. For inspiration to eat and bake more cakes!

Need there really be a question about attending, it should be instead, why would you NOT want to attend? I don’t think people need an excuse, “FREE FOOD” you say that and it always attracts people! When exhibitors are offering cakes to sample and buy, it is hard to resist.. we all feel the need to stop and have a taste, even if it is something we wouldn’t normally eat. But isn’t that the beauty? Trying things you wouldn’t normally and then thinking, “Oh actually that was lovely, why have I never had this before”!?

With the hype and interest around programmes such as Bake Off everyone seems to be getting involved with cooking and baking. We are no longer afraid of experimenting and trying new foods and flavour combinations. Which for events such as the cake and bake show, is a real plug! I was lucky enough to be invited along to the show, I mean for anyone who loves cake (baking it or eating it) this is HEAVEN!

This was the first time I have attended this event and was really impressed. Set at the ExCel London, it already had a huge home to house all of us avid bakers and exhibitors. The set up was quite overwhelming, it was like a huge cake maze to navigate through, so many stalls and exhibitors to visit. You had market stalls offering cakes and bakes to eat there and then, or to take away, including savoury bakes to enjoy for lunch. The centre of the room housed the exhibitors, ranging from businesses promoting and selling their products: food to buy, equipment for cooking and baking, cake decorating equipment, inspiration to engage people with baking… so covering just about every aspect you could think of.

Events I have previously attended and demo’s I have watched have made me want to expand my equipment collection too, so having a show that is made for that, buying everything needed to create that special cake is perfect. Rotating cake stands- an absolute must for cake decorators, cake smoothers, moulds and shaped cutters. Everything to make my bakes more creative.

I loved sampling and buying tasty treats but also having the opportunity to pick up inspiration for my next bakes… using sugar craft, lace and decorative yet edible materials to take my bakes to the next level. Although when I say next level I mean changing up the topping and decoration, nothing quite on the scale of what was on show here which brings me to the highlight of the event for me “the Cake Competition”. No I am not talking plain Victoria sponges any novice could whip up, but huge fantastic sculpted cakes- that you would never guess were cake instead a piece of art!! There were so many people that entered the competition for best cake and if I was a judge, I wouldn’t know where to start they were all fab! You had Roast dinners and other erected plates of food, tea sculptures, then famous characters from Disney films and cartoons… places and iconic icons, the list goes on! The winner of best in show was a bust of the Queen! The detail was second to none, the time it must have taken to make and decorate, but also to make a cake good enough to withstand the travel and time at the event without collapsing- Genius!

Surrounding the exhibitor stalls were many other interesting things to see and do… of course the pop up bars, including the obligatory Pimms Bar, and London bar buses.. a fun addition as we were in London after all.

But we are not done there… kids were kept entertained in the kid zone, with activities to do and baking to take part in. Sugar craft masterclasses to ore the crowds at their expertise, baking masterclasses with Bake Off legends and then of course the super theatre- setting the stage for many baking legends. You had cake decorating experts, bake off stars and the legend that is Rosemary Shrager entertaining the crowds. I did have to watch her in action, for me she is just fabulous, making baking fun rather than a chore. The audience ranged from young children to the elderly, a mix of men and women showing the event is made for everyone.

If you missed out this time don’t worry, it is returning in November, where Manchester will be hosting this epic event! See you then 😊

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