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Cambridge Vegan Market

Last weekend I finally got to explore Cambridge- Yes it was rainy and cold, but it was still beautiful. The reason for my visit was for the Vegan Market .. I am not sure if Cambridge have hosted this event before, but it is something that has potential for the future. Held in the Guildhall, so a relatively limited space .. confined to only a few rooms upstairs. But with the ever-growing curiosity into Veganism those few rooms could soon be a thing of the past and be extend to the streets of Cambridge, making it a full-on VEGAN FEST!

The stalls had food and drink to sample and inspire, clothing, beauty and handmade products and crafts- showing the extent of a fully pledged Vegan lifestyle. I think this is a great way to inspire people and teach people about Veganism, it is no longer seen as the “weird” trend but instead people are choosing to start thinking about what Veganism actually is. Not just how our food and drinks are produced but also how everyday products we use are made.

I very much enjoyed wandering around.. plenty of things to sample and inspire me, I loved in particular the Raw Vegan chocolate! Flavours included: Lime and cardamom, chilli, lemon, salted caramel, lavender etc.. I obviously had to buy some 😉 But not only chocolate there was plenty of more naughtiness going on… in the name of Cronuts! I think Charly may have been slightly excited to find these bad boys😉

Other products that were interesting to me included those from Spain, OF COURSE. A company who produce traditional Spanish products that are 100% VEGAN! Yes Vegan Chorizo and Tortilla, I mean ingenious! The tortilla I can confirm tasted just how it would with eggs, but for me I have never eaten chorizo so I couldn’t comment.. I just have the image of how it would taste - the lady said she had eaten chorizo before ditching meat and it still retains the characteristics and flavour.

Keeping with the Spanish theme was a drink that caught my attention- “Besos de Oro” the equivalent to a chocolate Vegan Baileys 😉 Rich, and indulgent.. something that would go down well at a dinner party, or even on a cold winter day like this!

If you follow my Instagram and travelling posts, you will know how much I love Pierogi, yes the market even had Vegan Pierogi with homemade Sauerkraut! It was good.. hopefully I will have time to get back in the kitchen next weekend and make some of my own😊

Overall a good day.. well it was a Foodies reunion with Charly and Chris blended with some Cambridge sightseeing and FOOD, of course it was going to be good.. a chance to brainstorm ideas for upcoming Foodies Events this year, as believe it or not Foodies starts soon! I need to start planning what I am going to whip up in the kitchen for my demo’s this year? Is there anything you would like to see?

I may start some polls and let you guys decide😉 If spring does manage to appear, I may be able to include Leewood Products- although it is not looking promising so far!

Either way, I am looking forward to spring and to all the upcoming food events this year, it is going to be a busy one! Hopefully see you all soon, maybe when I am demoing to home crowds along with the other talented chefs and bakers who will be attending Foodies this year 😊

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