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Foodies, Tatton Park

You should all know by now I love a Foodies Festival, although I am slightly sad now ... they are rapidly coming to an end :-( I will be missing Edinburgh too, so potentially my last one of the year:-O

So at the weekend I travelled up to Tatton Park, a beautiful part of the country.. only my second time there (both time for Foodies). I keep promising myself next time I am there, I will take time out to explore the park and area too, but it still hasn't happened! About as far as I got this time was dinner in Knutsford with the gorgeous Charly White, the backbone of Foodies, honestly it would not work without her! <3

Thai at the Chilli Banana, the perfect end to Saturday, someone cooking for us after being in the kitchen all day- and of course some food photography.. the food was amazing, just like the company.

So day one was another busy day.. Saturday, the sun was out and the crowds were also out! Perfect for my 11.30 demo, a full crowd, but also a chatty and awake crowd. Definitely makes demoing more fun when the crowd interacts with you. SO THANK YOU ALL! I was demoing a GF only bake this time.. not Vegan as I wanted to use some eggs from my chickens and ducks, and well in the end, I ended up using a decadent white chocolate (as Vegan white choco is still work in progress.. good but not as good at veggie ones yet, if you have found any please let me know). So yes a Maca and White Chocolate Cake, using Creative Nature Superfoods Maca powder and then decorated with more white chocolate from Renshaw's new range of goodness <3

The fun thing about travelling up and down the country is meeting more of our Foodies family, and we really are one huge family. Tatton Park meant enjoying the company of Sarah, Jackie (The Baking Nanna) and Rob again, who we only meet at our more Northern shows.. and of course not forgetting the newbies to our family Jen (Happy Birthday and thank you for spending it with us!) and also Colin. I was so happy to be introduced to Colin, he literally is as fun as he looks, exuding laughter into the tent and backstage.. we had a lot of fun together, with or without the Gin and Tonic... which btw you must also try "Tarsier Spirits" ;-)

It is a shame he is moving to Chicago in a few weeks- we need him at more Foodies!

Also returning to the tent we had Kenny Tutt, just about.. it was touch and go for a moment, but seeing as we know his demo so well now I am sure me and Charly could have winged the production line without him... not sure the crowds would have be impressed though, a full tent for Kenny as always, think we would have been a let down! You would have also missed his scone dance.. so luckily he made it on time and I got to film his dance for you all ;-)

Both days were a lot of fun.. sunshine, cabaret, top chefs, (I also got to meet Simon Rimmer, I have been a fan for god knows how many years so I was happy..) and of course a lot of food! "The end of the show" show was a food extravaganza, so much cake- it really is a good job out tent doesn't let in calories otherwise doctors may have just been having a field day!

A huge thank you to all of you that came, it really wouldn't be fun without you all.. and a huge thank you to the AB FAB Charly.. bringing our Foodie family together, hosting us and making the weekend so much fun! <3

I will be sharing all photos and videos below..

Below are a few great finds of the weekend.. I always manage to buy something and come away with a lot of inspiration.

My Top Three of the weekend:

  • Tarsier Dry Gin - a relatively new product.. I was first drawn in by the Logo, the cutest bush-baby.. but upon sampling was sold by the taste too!!

  • Briscoe's Artisan Jellies - I am looking forward to coming up with a few recipes with the different flavours. Jellies both sweet and savoury. Clever combinations that leave endless possibilities, really exciting to see where this brand goes!

  • Freda's Peanut Butter - We all know I love anything PEANUT BUTTER.. this was no exception, I was intrigued to try the chilli version but ended up buying the Cornish Sea Salt.. such a great flavour.

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