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Ways with fruit and gin..

Last year I was busy making Damson Gin and Vodka, but I had already decided I wanted to experiment with flavours this year. The Elderflower and Gooseberry combination never took off, with me not picking the fruit in time! However, with the overload of other fruits growing in the garden I had alternative options....

…. I decided on Rhubarb and Strawberry Gin, it has been in the back of a cupboard waiting for its turned to be bottle up for the best part of 6 months and now is finally done!

A delicious flavour combination, with a punchy gin flavour .. the sweet and sharp fruits making the gin a refreshing tipple.

But waste not want not! The leftover fruit that has been soaked in the gin was not put to waste. Instead put in a pan to bubble away. And tah dah and short while later I have myself a fruity gin jam, jarred up and ready for a naughty treat at my disposal 😉

#fruit #gin #jam #british #strawberry #rhubarb #alcohol #homemade #homegrown #leewood #foodie

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