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World Bread Awards

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the World Bread Awards in Westminster. Not only as an attendee but as a judge! Slightly different in comparison to my normal foodie work, instead of demoing I was on the other side.. judging.

Not only was it an awesome day because I was able to experience another side to being a foodie, I was surrounded in good company, a wealth of knowledge and experienced foodies.. oh yes and I got to hang out with my foodie family! Always a happy day!

We normally meet throughout the summer at various foodies festivals, but it has been a while since we were all together- so yes we were all a little excited for a reunion! Not only did I get to hang out with my foodie fam, I got to meet other foodies from different fields. I shared the room with many of my foodie idols. I was lucky enough to be judging with my foodie friend, Becky <3 .. I love to network and learn from others, but at the same time it made the judging slightly more fun being partnered with a friend!

We were on the "Gluten Free" category.. a lucky option for me I suppose. An array of breads; sourdough, focaccia, and tortilla among a few. Definitely some interesting tastes and textures.. which made the judging all the more challenging and fun.

The day was full of a lot of bread puns and carbs.. but obviously not quite enough, our foodie family managed to fit in a few more carbs. A foodies dinner at a local Italian? Yes we obviously are crazy ;-) But a lovely end to a great day in Westminster.. I cannot wait to find out the overall winner and join the gang once again next month for the award ceremony.

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