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Spiced apple cake with a caramel topping

Apples of course are another thing in season, most people can get their hands on a few, even if you do not have them growing at home, you can normally find an apple tree somewhere! I love apple cake and have made a few variations over the years, this year I wanted to add a bit of luxury to the cake, another layer of lushness.

My sister and her boyfriend were both doing the Worcester 1OK Run this weekend, so what better way to recover than eat cake?

I had the idea of adding a caramel topping with dried apple too, a perfect way to use my dehydrator and extra apples, and of course was in perfect timing for this week’s Bake Off - Caramel week!

My cake was GF and vegetarian, not vegan this time but a vegan version could be made… maybe I will do this for you next time!

The sponge was a basic GF sponge recipe, so nothing complicated, then of course the apples and spices. I always prefer spiced apple cake, it adds another flavour and makes it feel more seasonal.

The caramel, yes you need time for – unless you are doing a cheat caramel… I would prefer to watch the contestants on bake off make theirs this week, rather than have me standing there stirring😉 (when you are against the clock to finish it time anyway).

Then to finish, dried apple pieces. I love my dehydrator, I use it all the time for various things, and for this cake it came up trumps. Drying out and then cutting the apple into pieces to decorate the cake. Brings extra apple flavour and another apple texture too.

Give it ago if you have a few apples lying around. It makes a change from crumble, is just as quick and easy too. If not maybe a tarte tatin? All are tasty ways to use up your apples.. spiced or not spiced, you can make endless variations 😊

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